• Disregarded city

    I’ve always thought that Tehran is a disregarded city. I know few people, almost nobody, who likes it. I’ve always believed that one of the reasons is because they have spent few hours in this city and they haven’t had the time or the peace to discover it. It is true, Tehran is a crazy urban chaos, is a highly polluted city, to cross a street is risky (well, only at the beginning, after some time you know when you can or not) and his size suposesa waste of time to do any activity or movement in it. Nevertheless, Tehran has something special and is plenty of undiscovered and disregarded places. The Mellat Park Cineplex o Pardis Complex is a building dedicated to leisure and expositions. It is located in the norh area of Tehran, close to the famous Vali Asr avenue and inside the Park Mellat. This is the technical information about this building (http://www.archdaily.com/115928/). This photogallery is only an example that, dispite the urban horror of this city, there are charming places.