• Hadji Abbas

    Hadji Abbas Rahimzadeh is loyal to the tradition that received from his father. More than seventy years ago ─and he is eighty years old─ every Moharram month, in Tasua and Ashura, he gets ready to go out to the streets of Qashan (Iran) to remind Abbas ibn Ali, a really important personality in shia tradition. Half-brother of Hussein, Abbas is one of the martyrs in the famous Kerbala battle, one of the reasons for the break up between shia and sunni in Islam. Tradition says that while Hussein and his 72 followers were surrounded close to nowadays Kerbala, without food or water, Abbas couldn’t bear the suffering of Sakina, his niece and daughter of Hussein. So, he decided to approach to Euphrates river to collect water. After filling a waterskin with water, he was catch unawares by the soldiers of his enemy Yazid and was martyred. In Iran, Abbas is considered protector of fountains, someway as a water saint, and to remind him, in the Ashura processions, an army of water carriers walk around the streets and the brotherhoods (heyat in Persian language) to soothe thirst of the believers that walk on procession with water mixed with rose water.