• Velodrome

    I don’t know if it will be still there when I will go back. It was a stunning discovery, a place that some of my friends in Tbilisi had no idea about it and I took them there to show them that it exists. This velodrome was built in 1882 in nowadays the heart of the city, in Mardjanishvili area, and it lost its magnificence during the fall of the Soviet bloc and the independence of Georgia. Tamaz Kiknadze, coach of the cycling team in the velodrome, from the time when he was fourteen years old till today, he has lived devoted to it, and in that place he, besides, has a cycle repair workshop. In July 2012, when I met him, he was ready to leave. A Dutch company had purchased that site, as an effect of the speculative fever in Tbilisi. Probably, when I will back, the velodrome no longer exists.